What is an NCT x-ray technician?

An NCT x-ray tech is a person who has completed the training and received the NCT x-ray license from the Texas Medical Board. It is a limited license in that the scope of practice is limited to the radiographic procedures that are not on the Boards list of Dangerous or Hazardous procedures.   

The X-Ray Academy of Texas is licensed and regulated by the Texas Medical Board to provide the training required for the NCT x-ray license.   

The X-Ray Academy of Texas is a small training program and does not have a “Career Services” Department. It is our desire however to see all our graduates in a job making a great life for themselves. In order to meet that goal, we do everything we can to help with your job search. Our Facebook page is dedicated to posting any job openings that we become aware of. We have an excel spreadsheet with a list of all facilities in the State of Texas that have an x-ray machine. This list makes a great tool for assisting in your employment search. We will be happy to assist in the development of your resume if you would like.

We have done our best to keep our cost as low as possible. There are a couple of options as far as how you can pay for training.

  • Option one: Pay in full by the first day of class and receive a one-hundred-dollar discount.
  • Option two: you can break the tuition up into payments. The first payment is due the first day of class, the second payment is due about halfway through and the final payment is due before the last day of class. All payments must be made before the certificate can be issued.

This is a difficult question to answer. The income will vary based on many factors. According to Zip Recruiter in 2020 the “Average Annual income” for an NCT x-ray technician in Texas is $38,081.

The Texas Medical Board requires 120 clock hours of live interactive training. We offer the 120 hours in three different schedules.

  • Days; Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 5:00 for three weeks
  • Weekends; Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 5:00 for eight weeks.
  • Evenings; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 6:00-10:00 for ten weeks.

 It is important when considering an NCT training program to be sure that their hours include enough time to realistically provide 120 clock hours.

Most of the training will take place via live interactive webinar. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered just as you would in a classroom setting, as well as interact with your classmates. You will have to attend 8 hours of hands-on training in the classroom.

The cost of the training is $1250. If you can pay in full by the first day of class a one-hundred-dollar discount will be applied.

The cost of the training does include the required books. The registration fee to the Texas Medical Board, the fee for fingerprinting and the fee for the Jurisprudence exam administered by the Texas Medical Board are the only additional fees and total about $125.

The X-Ray Academy of Texas has been open since 2009.

Our graduates typically find jobs in clinics. Family Practice, Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine and Orthopedic Surgeons are great examples of some of the places that NCT x-ray techs find opportunities.

Dangerous and Hazardous Procedures: NCT x-ray technicians are not permitted to perform procedures that the Texas Department of State Health Services has determined to be Dangerous or Hazardous. Below is an outline of prohibited procedures. For the exact list please refer to §140.516. Dangerous or Hazardous Procedures.

Dangerous Procedures

  1. nuclear medicine studies to include positron emission tomography (PET);


  1. administration of radio-pharmaceuticals; administration does not include preparation or dispensing except as regulated under the authority of the Texas State Board of Pharmacy; radiation therapy, including simulation, brachytherapy and all external radiation therapy beams including Grenz rays:


  1. computed tomography (CT) or any variation thereof;


  1. interventional radiographic procedures, including angiography;


  1. fluoroscopy; and


  1. cineradiography (including digital acquisition techniques).


Hazardous procedures

  1. conventional tomography;


  1. skull radiography, excluding anterior-posterior/posterior-anterior (AP/PA), lateral, Townes, Caldwell, and Waters views;


  1. portable x-ray equipment;


  1. spine radiography, excluding AP/PA, lateral and lateral flexion/extension views;


  1. shoulder girdle radiographs, excluding AP and lateral shoulder views, AP clavicle and AP scapula;


  1. pelvic girdle radiographs, excluding AP or PA views;


  1. sternum radiographs; and


  1. radiographic procedures which utilize contrast media;


  1. pediatric radiography *

* note: Excluding extremities, Pediatric studies must be performed with radioprotection so that proper collimation and shielding is utilized during all exposures sequences during pediatric studies. If an emergency condition exists which threatens serious bodily injury, protracted loss of use of a bodily function or death of a pediatric patient unless the procedure is performed without delay, or if other extenuating circumstances deemed by the practitioner exist, a pediatric radiographic procedure is also excluded. The emergency condition or extenuating circumstance must be documented by the ordering practitioner in the patient’s clinical record and the record must document that a regularly scheduled MRT, LMRT, RN or physician assistant is not reasonably available to perform the procedure.

Instructors for NCT training programs must be Medical Radiological Technologists Licensed by the Texas Medical Board and Registered with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

No, there are lots of opportunities for those who are new to healthcare. Of course, as you gain experience and knowledge the number of opportunities will grow as well.

You can register on our website, over the phone or you can come by and register in person.

The NCT x-ray license is a Texas license. To determine the license requirements for other states you would need to contact the agency that regulates X-Ray in the individual states.

There is no State Board Exam, you just must complete the training and pass the quizzes ant tests given by the X-Ray Academy of Texas. There is a jurisprudence exam on the Texas Medical Board’s website. It covers the rules associated with the NCT X-Ray License. It is online and open book. All the information you need to pass the JP exam will be provided to you.

Having something in your background does not necessarily prevent you from receiving your NCT x-ray license. There is a thorough background check performed before your license is issued. It is very important that you answer all questions on the license application honestly. If you are concerned that a serious issue may prevent the issuance of your license you can complete a Criminal History Evaluation Letter and have The Texas Medical Board do a predetermination before you complete the training.


Yes, The X-Ray Academy of Texas has an A+ rating with the BBB.

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