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 NCT X-RAY Technician 

Due to strong pay and solid job prospects, x-ray technology is becoming a very desirable career.

X-Ray Technicians produce radiographs of parts of a patient's body for analysis by a doctor.  Employment is projected to grow faster than average, and job opportunities are expected to be favorable. If you are interested in science and technology and also like working with people, this career is for you. 

The X-Ray Academy of Texas NCT X-Ray school is regulated by The Texas Medical Board.

  The graduates will be trained in the following categories: upper extremities, lower extremities, spine, chest, abdomen, ribs, skull and sinuses. NCT X-ray techs are trained to perform the radiographic and ancillary medical procedures commonly needed in outpatient clinics, physicians’ offices, ambulatory care and hospitals throughout Texas.

Digital imaging is quickly becoming the standard of x-ray technology. The instructors at the X-Ray Academy of Texas have a great deal of experience with digital imaging at the clinical and manufacturer level.  What does that mean to YOU? It means that when you complete our program you can work in a variety of x-ray settings including those that have the newest equipment in Digital Radiography.

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     Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing an NCT Training Program     Is the instructor qualified to teach the course?
According to the Texas department of state health services and instructor must be an MRT, an LMRT, a healthcare practitioner, or a medical physicist. An NCT is not qualified to teach at an NCT training program.

    Is the curriculum up-to-date and taught in and interactive manner?
If this material is outdated or presented in long, boring videos, the material will be difficult to learn. The course should be presented in an interactive lecture format using current technology.

    Does the NCT x-ray school have professional and liability insurance?
It is important not only in the extremely unlikely event that someone were to get hurt but it also says a great deal about the legitimacy of the x-ray training program.

    Does the course schedule include the entire 120 clock hours of training that are required by the Texas Department of State Health Services?
Do the math and have the hours to make sure that you are completing all of the hours that the state recliners to issue your life's.

    Is the program approved by the Texas Medical Board and do they have any complaints filed against?
This is very easy to verify any x-ray school's track record and reputation is a very important indicator of future performance.

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