• Introduction  

The x-ray school will introduce students to Medical and Radiologic Terminology as well as basic concepts of patient care. The basic components of the x-ray room will also be introduced. 

  • Radiation Safety and Protection

 X-Ray technology must be practiced responsibly. The types of ionizing radiation, the effects of radiation on matter, and the methods and devices radiographers use to protect themselves and their patients will be discussed thoroughly.

  • Radiologic Equipment Safety, Operation and Maintenance 

Basic physics, production of x-rays, the x-ray tube and circuit. Students will learn about types of image receptors and the differences between analog and digital imaging and the operation of the dark room will be discussed. Primary factors in x-ray production will be introduced.

  • Image Production and Evaluation

Students will learn about photographic and geometric properties of x-ray, technique formation and how to correct suboptimal radiographs.

  • Applied Human Anatomy and Radiographic Procedures 

  1. Upper Extremities

  2. Lower Extremities 

  3. Spine

  4. Chest 

  5. Ribs 

  6. Abdomen

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