What does an X-ray Technician do?

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Learn what an X-ray technician does, their responsibilities, work environment, and more.

If you are looking for a new career and you want to work in the medical field, consider becoming an X-ray technician. 

What does an X-ray Technician do?

An X-ray technician uses an X-ray machine to take radiographic images of patients to assist medical providers in making a diagnosis. Images from the X-ray machine may also be used in choosing and implementing the appropriate treatment plan. 

X-ray Technician Responsibilities

As an X-Ray Technician, you will have many responsibilities. Depending on what type of facility you work in, you may be expected to:

  • Operate X-ray equipment to get images of different areas of the body
  • Adjust X-ray machines as needed to ensure clear and accurate imaging
  • Evaluate, interpret and report X-ray imaging results
  • Ensure the patient is comfortable and protect them from radiation

X-ray Technician Work Environment

An X-ray technician works in a medical setting, often with the following characteristics:

  • Long periods of time spent on their feet
  • Heavy lifting of equipment and patients
  • Potentially long work hours with evening and weekends required

X-ray technicians will spend much of their workday standing, adjusting the machine and the patient to capture the correct angles of imaging. Even though you will wear protective gear, you are exposed to radiation daily. Many X-ray technicians work as full-time employees, but hours may range depending on the workplace.

Average Salary of an X-ray Technician

An X-ray technician’s salary may vary, depending on geographical location, experience, and type of position. For example, an X-ray technician working in an urgent care office may earn less than an X-ray technician working in a busy hospital. Some X-ray technicians may have certifications in specific types of imaging that allow them to earn a higher salary. 

X-ray Technician Requirements

Obtaining an X-ray technician position requires the completion of certain educational and training requirements, which include:


During your education at an accredited school, you will learn how to use X-ray equipment and how to interpret and analyze imaging under the guidance of an instructor. X-ray technicians will continue their training in an entry-level position by collaborating with other technicians in their first few years in the role.


There are a few hard and soft skills that will help you succeed as an X-ray technician. The hard skills you will learn during your education. You can see soft skills that may apply to you here.

How to Become an X-ray Technician

You can become an X-ray technician with The X-Ray Academy of Texas. Learn more here.

By Leslie Radford
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