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5 Tips for Taking Better X-rays

Key Points Trouble-shooting can be a challenge when it comes to taking the perfect x-ray As you learned at The X-Ray Academy, taking great x-rays is an art and you are going to have to take a lot of them before you get good at it. Here are a few tips that will help you […]

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What Is Radiographic Technology?

Key Points Learn what radiography is and the types of equipment that’s involved Occasionally someone will ask us “What is radiography?” Today we will be taking a closer look at what radiography is and the types of equipment that’s involved. What is Radiography? Radiography is the art and science of using radiation to provide images […]

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happy xray tech with patient getting chest xray

5 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Radiography

Key Points Learn why becoming an x-ray technician is exciting and rewarding If you’ve been thinking about joining The X-Ray Academy of Texas to become an x-ray technician, here are 5 great reasons you need to sign up now! Radiographic technicians administer x-ray exams to diagnose medical conditions and issues. Radiographic technology is a critical […]

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The Fascinating History of Radiography

Key Points Learn how x-rays were discovered and their importance over time. On November 8, 1895, physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1845-1923) becomes the first person to observe X-rays, a significant scientific advancement that would ultimately benefit a variety of fields, most of all medicine, by making the invisible visible.  Röntgen’s discovery occurred accidentally in his […]

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