Questions You May be Asked at an Interview and How to Practice Interviewing

We’ve compiled a list of questions you may be asked while interviewing for a position in a radiology department. 

You can practice your answers so you can be better prepared to impress your interviewer. Some questions have sample answers or what the interviewer may be looking for. Customize your answer with the information provided.

Potential Interview Questions

Q: Have you ever disagreed with a coworker about how to position a patient for an x-ray or other medical imaging? If so, how did you resolve it?

A: You will be working on a team of medical staff to complete the necessary tests that ailing patients will need before proceeding onward with treatment. In some cases, you will not have the patient’s primary doctor with you in the imaging room and may come into conflict with other imaging staff about how best to proceed. You need to be able to effectively navigate situations when you run into conflicts to ensure that patients receive high-quality care.

What to include in an answer:

  • Identify previous examples of conflict with coworkers
  • Affirm strong communication and problem-solving skills
  • Exemplify your calm and logical disposition

Q: Why do you want to pursue a career in radiology?

A: Your job is supporting other health professionals, patients, and families. Depending on the circumstances, patients may need to be handled with tact to reduce emotional distress. You should demonstrate a clear understanding of why you wish to pursue a career in radiology and enjoy working in the field.

What to include in an answer:

  • Give a clear answer for pursuing radiology
  • Have a positive disposition
  • Explain why you enjoy supporting patients and families through hard times

Q: What would you do if a patient was nervous about completing an X-ray? 

A: You will interact with medical patients on a daily basis. These patients range from children to the elderly. Similarly, these patients also have different ailments or injuries. This question allows interviewers to gauge a candidate’s ability to empathize with patients and help them feel relaxed and taken care of when undergoing x-ray procedures.

Your answer should emphasize:

  • Compassion for patients
  • Ability to calm patients to perform x-rays
  • Verbal communication skills
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Additional Questions

1. What measures should you take to ensure the safety of both patients and yourself during x-ray procedures?

Demonstrate your industry knowledge and experience.

2. What would you say to a patient who was afraid of excessive radiation exposure?

Demonstrate your industry knowledge, patience, and communication skills.

3. What would you do if you were unable to move or lift a fragile patient?

Demonstrate your problem-solving and communication skills.

4. What steps would you take to ensure that the x-rays taken were of sound quality?

Demonstrate your industry knowledge, analytical skills, and experience.

5. How would you handle anxious patients who were unable to keep still during x-ray procedures?

Demonstrate your patience, compassion, and problem-solving skills.

Interview Tips

You should practice answering general interview questions, behavioral interview questions, and questions that are specific to the position you are applying for. Even if you are practicing alone, you should practice answering questions out loud to help you prepare for the real interview. You can also take notes while you answer each question of ways to improve your answer.

Practice with a friend who can provide you feedback.

When interviewing, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate compassion toward patients and sound knowledge of x-ray procedures. They will weed out candidates who have poor communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills. 

Good luck with your interview!

By Leslie Radford
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